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The Adjustment firm was started by Josh Hansen and Troy Johnson. Troy and Josh come from a Restoration contractor background so we not only have knowledge of Property Insurance policy but also have knowledge of what it takes to put a home or commercial property back to its pre-loss condition. We understand that the claim process can be painful to say the least. It is painful for many different reasons. Often times an Insured just doesn't have the experience necessary to handle the claim so they count on the Insurance company to handle it for them. In my opinion, this is like allowing the IRS to file your taxes for you. It just doesn't make sense. I urge any and all Insured's that are going through the claim process to at least meet with a Public Adjuster to make sure they are armed with the proper knowledge to move forward. At The Adjustment Firm, we offer free inspections and consultations. If someone is asking you for money up front, I suggest you run the other way!
Troy Johnson is our lead on site inspector. Troy has vast experience in the construction industry and is also certified Roof inspector for Commercial and Residential Roofs. The Adjustment Firm takes a unique look at the property to determine how it was affected by the loss. Often times, the naked eye isn't effective enough to gather all of the information needed to determine the amount of loss sustained. Unseen or hidden damage is a Huge component in the claims process, especially when we are talking about commercial roofing applications. We also specialize in handling fire losses. These losses are often very in depth as they deal not only with the structure but also with the contents that a property owner has in their home or business. It is a huge task for a homeowner to be asked to continue to experience going through the traumatic experience of a fire day after day as they catalog their belongings. At The Adjustment Firm, we remove that from the Insured's plate. We have a team that will go in and document all of the contents that are in the home, price those contents by a third party, and submit them to the Insurance company for payment. There will always be items that the Insured needs to review and go over, but this minimizes the efforts by the you, the insured's so that you can get back to your normal schedule. The Adjustment Firm takes pride in being able to handle every type of property claim imaginable. Just last year we handled claims ranging from a Timber company, a paper mill, a house fire, a commercial restaurant fire, to a small water loss in a cabin. There is no claim too large or small, just property owners who need help!

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