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My main focus is helping to resolve disputed Insurance Claims. That includes serving as Professional Estimate Writer, Insurance Appraiser, Umpire, Mediator and Expert Witness. My education and training qualifies me for most issues that might come up in Mediation (i.e.: family, employment disputes, divorce, etc.), but the majority of my experience lies in building materials sales & construction and property insurance claims. I have been in the construction industry in one form or another throughout my life. I continue to run construction company (Tide Construction & Roofing Company). I aid in "Insurance Claim -Alternative Dispute Resolution"​ by serving as a professional estimate writer, insurance appraiser, umpire, expert witness and mediator. I have considerable "Subject Matter Experience"​ in construction, Insurance Claims and the Appraisal Process. Mediation is quite different than Insurance Appraisal. Appraisal just sets a value to a loss in a claim and can leave many questions unanswered. Mediation can settle your dispute and isn't subject to the same level of scrutiny as Appraisal, Arbitration or Litigation. Mediation is confidential and protected from discovery. This is a valuably consideration, unique to mediation. If you have a dispute and want it kept private, mediation my be your best option. Mediation is considered by many to be one of the least expensive methods of resolving a dispute. Because Mediation is not as encumbered by rules of procedure like some other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution. Mediation lends itself to creative solutions. It's informal, innovative, efficient, quick and as a result it's usually less expensive. Mediation is crafted to meet your specific situation. Any Settlement Agreement you reach is strictly your decision. No one can force you to sign an agreement your not satisfied with. If you have a dispute and aren't sure how to proceed, call me.
I have been in the construction industry all of my life. I have very keen knowledge in residential & commercial construction through education and experience. I have many certification, including mediation and insurance adjusting,

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The University of Texas at Arlington Certification in Mediation


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J. M. Judge & Associates, LLC
17176 Fm 156 South, Suite A105
Justin , TX  76247
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